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Research progress of ferroptosis and urinary tumors

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BB Xiong, JS Zhang, HF Wang, YG Zuo, JS Wang


Since the researchers discovered ferroptosis in 2012, they have conducted in-depth research and exploration on the mechanism of ferroptosis and its role in tumor evolution. ferroptosis is a new type of death that is different from apoptosis and necrosis. It is mainly dependent on the cell death caused by the increase of iron and lipid oxygen in the cell and the imbalance of redox homeostasis. After the development of urinary tumors in the middle and late stage, most patients have poor surgical results. Chemotherapy is usually given after surgery. However, some tumor cells are currently resistant to chemotherapy drugs. Therefore, the occurrence of ferroptosis increases a new idea in the treatment of urinary tumors. The purpose of this review is to outline the knowledge of ferroptosis mechanisms and regulation, its role in the growth and proliferation of urinary tumor cells, and to provide new strategies for the treatment of urological tumor diseases.

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