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Uncertainty of Disease Diagnosis in Elderly Cancer Patients

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María Inés Johnson Castro, Paulina Hurtado Arenas


Objectives: To explore the relationship between sociodemographic (SD) characteristics, level of uncertainty (LU) and cancer diagnosis in the elderly. Materials and methods: The National Cancer Corporation conducted a 6-week quantitative, cross-sectional, non-probability related sample study on cancer patients over 60 years old. Merle Mishel uncertainty rating scale was used for data collection. Descriptive statistical analysis was performed using central trend measurement, and correlation analysis was conducted using Pearson correlation, analysis of variance and linear regression model. Result: 54.8% of the elderly have high LU. Education level was negatively correlated with LU (R = 0.54, P = 0.0492). The variance of 28.99% (adjusted R2, 35gl) in LU can be explained by education level. There was no statistically significant correlation with other SD characteristics. Conclusion: According to the educational characteristics of the elderly in the National Cancer Corporation, a linear regression model was established to predict LU.


Tumor, Uncertainty, Elderly, Tumor nursing

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